Georg Nordmann Holding AG

- a strong network of medium-sized family enterprises

Founded in 2003, the Georg Nordmann Holding Aktiengesellschaft (GNH AG) is the umbrella organization behind a strong family-owned group of corporations, whose business is the international distribution, production and marketing of specialty chemicals and plastics as well as the performance of specialized logistics services.

The GNH’s affiliated companies include:

The holding company structure allows the group to focus on its core competencies and to grow in niche sectors, keeping tradition and modernity in balance rather than at odds. Through continuity, competence and passion, the group has succeeded in taking on the strengths of major listed stock corporations while at the same time remaining an owner-operated family business.

The Georg Nordmann Holding AG’s affiliated companies achieve a combined annual turnover of approximately €550 million.

The GNH and its associated holdings are highly committed to supporting social issues, for instance through the charitable Inge and Georg Nordmann Foundation.

Inge und Georg Nordmann Foundation

Inge und Georg Nordmann Foundation

Inge und Georg Nordmann Foundation (ext.)