Nordmann, Rassmann GmbH

Your European Distribution Partner for Speciality Chemicals

Nordmann, Rassmann GmbH (NRC) was founded in 1912 and belongs to Georg Nordmann Holding AG. Nordmann, Rassmann GmbH is the head of The NRC Group and distributes natural and chemical raw materials, additives and specialty chemicals while also providing corresponding application-related know how.
The NRC Group has 26 international offices located all over the world and a straff of 420 employees*. With a portfolio of complementary products for all industry sectors, The NRC Group represents manufacturers of raw materials from around the globe and in 2016 achieved a turnover of approximately €415 million.

*Office locations in Austria, Bulgaria, the Czesh Republic, France, Germany (headquarters), Hungary, India, Italy, Japan, the Nordic countries, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Singapore, the Slovak Rupublic, Solvenia, Spain, South Korea, Switzerland, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the USA.


Die NRC’s subsidiaries include:

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We’re here for you

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